About Us

Karen Smith, FounderFounder Karen Smith’s goal is to help clients create, establish and build relationships with customers, while helping their customers realize their goal or potential. She strives to have clients get known, liked and, ultimately, trusted. She does this through a mix of deep marketing experience in several Fortune 250 Companies, solid project management skills, sprinkled with a passion for neuro linguistic programming and body language. Although the Fortune 250 are large, impressive brands, Mind the Ps Marketing specializes in helping to bring this “large” know-how to mid-sized organizations, giving them an opportunity to benefit from the same skill set that larger companies have enjoyed for years.

Karen and her team are known for their innovative approaches to resolving large problems by defining, structuring, and making them into best in class, and resolving unstructured assignments into structured ones with measurable results. They diagnose deficiencies and recommend a course of corrective action. Experience spans broadly and includes industries such as technology, hospitality, travel, services, consulting, education, government, green initiatives, and real estate.

Mind the Ps Marketing Specialties

As a leader with 20 years of hands-on experience, Karen built her marketing foundation via nearly all marketing functions. She has an acute ability to understand the marketplace and strike the right balance of marketing initiatives that drive results using marketing strategy, personas, product marketing, product management, branding, marketing communications, public relations, and project management. This foundation greatly contributed to her understanding of how organizations as a whole can gain an edge in the marketplace by cross-pollinating best-in-class ideas and processes.

Early in her career, Karen learned about neuro linguistic programming and coupled that knowledge with gaining an understanding of body language. This knowledge has helped her significantly during interview situations – roles ranging from her work in competitive intelligence, to candidate interviews, to persona interviews. She shares this experience and knowledge with others via training classes and corporate sessions, and has also shared her passion with the business development community.

Karen holds an MBA from Baylor University and a BBA in marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington. Additionally, she is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

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