Marketing Services

Mind the Ps Marketing offers several specialty areas. These areas are intended to be fluid throughout the sales and marketing process, to ensure your branding shows consistency. This means your company and its employees need to intimately understand the customer’s need, why its products are unique and when customers need certain types of information. Each of our products/services is listed below, as well as the process we employ to help you achieve your desired goal.

Persona IntelligencePersona Intelligence

Buyer personas provide you key insights into your buyers, telling you exactly what influences your buyers as they evaluate and compare their options to solve their greatest problems. As such, YOU become the “buyer expert.”
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Content MarketingContent Marketing

Great content can be leveraged across broader marketing and sales initiatives, saving you precious resources, while helping you to start and sustain a conversation with your customers and grow your business.
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Plan and PerformPlan and Perform

Whether your intent is to create a Website, a full-blown campaign, an email teaser, a white paper, or deliver just a few well-written, impactful blogs, we’re able to help you deliver the goods to your prospects and customers.
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Purchase CyclePurchase Cycle

Buyers don’t want content. They want information. Information that makes them better, successful, and profitable … and basically, reach their goals. Now more than ever, buyers are researching more information up front.
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Articulating your own “persona” helps identify you as “the expert” in your field and adds creditability to your business. At the same time, harness rapport-building skills within your organization.
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Steeped in the practice of project management – and in fact, Project Management Professional® certified – all projects are meticulously planned and tracked to ensure successful completion.
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