People: Showcasing Your Best

Marketing Yourself: Resume, Bio, and LinkedIn Personal and Business Profile Page

Marketing YOU – The ExpertArticulating your own “persona” helps you in many ways:

  • Builds credibility
  • Positions YOU appropriately for the job at hand
  • Helps set the stage for interviews, public relations activities
  • Sets the tone in event and trade show materials, e.g., bios
  • Touts capabilities via proposals

Identifying yourself as “the expert” in your field helps add creditability to your company and you. This is an effort worth exploring and undertaking!

Building Your Staff’s Rapport-Building Skills

Body Language

Mixing marketing with neuro linguistic programming and body language has helped produce great customer rapport. Because it is, after all, all about connecting with your customer! Ensure your people capitalize on this important skill set.

Early in her career, founder Karen Smith learned about neuro linguistic programming and coupled that knowledge with gaining an understanding of body language. This knowledge has helped her significantly during interview situations – roles ranging from her work in competitive intelligence, to candidate interviews, to persona interviews. She shares this experience and knowledge with others via training classes and corporate sessions, and has also shared her passion with the small business development community.

To learn more about this training opportunity for your staff, visit our Beyond Words flyer and get started today building your team’s rapport-building skills. When contacting us, please provide details of your group, dates under consideration, group size, and other characteristics such as functional area and areas of need/why you’re looking for help now. We welcome the opportunity to share our insights so you can benefit from better customer rapport and business communication.

Start Reaping Results Today

Ready to take that next step in your current career, set yourself apart from the competition, or build your staff’s rapport-building skills? Contact Mind The Ps Marketing today to get started on the “people-aspect” of your business.