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“If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.”
-Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher

Many centuries later, Cicero still has it right. But how do you create, establish and build a remarkable relationship with prospects and customers? You do so by uniquely understanding your buyer, delivering products and content that “speak” to them, and then sharing that content via multiple channels and mediums.

The Marketing Ps

Relationships take time to nurture. You can build a relationship with your best customers by consistently delivering the right value to that customer. That’s where Mind The Ps Marketing comes in.

We can begin by helping you truly understand your customer’s greatest pain points through research and a series of interviews to create a persona – thus, making you the buyer’s expert – which, oftentimes, can provide surprising results. While many within the organization have an opinion on the customer’s needs, the customer is the ultimate buyer of your product and service, and that’s for whom you build your products and services. You make a living by meeting customers’ needs. You can make an even better living delighting customers.

Sound simple? While business complexities exist, building and nurturing relationships is made easier by understanding your customer.


Armed with persona intelligence, companies are able to provide clear product and service solutions and competitive differentiators, and can create high impact assets that are distributed via Websites, emails, campaigns, blogs, white papers, newsletters, trade shows and events, online and offline advertising, as well as through your greatest asset, your staff.

In school, marketers typically study the four “Ps”: price, product, place and promotion. Promotional RoadmapThese areas are somewhat of a lost science and art at times since many small- and mid-sized businesses may not have had a marketing class in their life. It’s critical to keep fluidity between each of these elements for strong branding purposes. Mind The Ps Marketing provides you the foundation for sound marketing, as well as provides you with the what and where to be successful via promotional roadmap. Additionally, we’ve taken the “Ps” to a new level by adding “persona” and your “people” to the mix to round out the foundation that propels your company’s success.

At Mind The Ps Marketing, we are here to help you build that remarkable experience with your customers based on their needs.

Feel free to peruse our site and services, as well as to find out more about us. We’d love to hear from you.